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Jolly Good's success is based on its customers' success. The normal software model requires you to pay most of the money up front, and it's bad luck if the system doesn't work. Our model is that we form a partnership and work with you. 



A Partnership Between a Software Company and a Business

Our Focus Is Your Success

Facilitate Growth

Our job is to look at how you currently generate, store and use information; we then design and implement a system that adds value to your business.

As you grow and adapt, your system will grow and adapt with you. Your information will be secure and available across the organisation wherever it is needed.


Shared Rewards

Unlike the old software charging paradigm, which was based on modules, Jolly Good will analyse the greatest benefit that can be delivered, accelerating the payback on your investment.

We can also look at other methods whereby we index or cost according to your revenue. 

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