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Innovation is Success through Difference!

We are not trying to be the same as all the other software providers. The software industry very rarely provides suitable outcomes for its customers. Novopay was not a one off, it is happening all the time.

Bill Gates' best trick was convincing the world to keep upgrading when there was rarely any benefit.

Here's a little example

You may have read that we don't have forms. What you can see below is a few screen shots of essentially the same Question. The difference between them is the Headings. What it is trying to demonstrate is how important and powerful context is. By slightly changing the context of the Question we can create very different user experiences. 

Humans can still only do one thing at a Time

There are some very clever people in the world, but not matter how clever they are they cannot fill in 2 fields at the same time. First you fill in your first name, then your surname.

Jolly Good systems are based around this principle. Everything you do is broken into the relevant Steps. 

That maybe difficult to understand and may seem strange, but the reality is that  this concept holds all the Power.

Your System is your Procedure Manual

By creating the appropriate Steps for the Processes your business performs. As a result we can produce your Procedure Manual. When you change the Procedure for something, your system is updated and now definition every user must operate to that new methodology.

It doesn't matter if it is simple or as complex as you can imagine, the Step by Step approach can and does handle it.

Did we mention that your system works on Mobiles as well

In the normal software world, if I need to ask the user another question, I have to republish the form, which often means releasing a new App. In our world, we just add another Step.

We make an App for the Desktop, Tablet, or Phone and they all know how to ask a question.

So when we add a new Step, all the devices simply ask it.

Other than screen size, the experience on all the different devices is identical.


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